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Laboratory of Rings Theory  Kolesnikov P.S.

Laboratory of Algebraic Systems  Palyutin E.A.

Laboratory of Group Theory  Vdovin E.P.

Temporary Research Group "Algebra and algorithms"  Vdovin E.P.

Laboratory of Probability and Mathematical Statistics  Lotov V.I.

Laboratory of Theoretical Physics  Achasov N.N.

Laboratory Geometric Control Theory  Vodop'yanov S.K.

Laboratory of Functional Analysis  Gutman A.E.

Laboratory of Riemannian Geometry and Topology  Bazaikin Yu.V.

Laboratory of Applied Analysis  Vesnin A.Y.

Temporary Research Group "Modern problems of topology, small dimensions at the intersection of geometry and algebra"  Vesnin A.Y.

Laboratory of Numerical Questions of Problems of Mathematical Physics  Blokhin A.M.

Laboratory of Differential Equations and Close Points of Analysis  Belonosov V.S.

Laboratory of Differential and Difference Equations  Demidenko G.V.

Laboratory of Dynamical Systems  Taimanov I.A.

Temporary Research Group "Geometry and exact solutions of differential equations"  Taimanov I.A.

Laboratory of Data Analysis  Kelmanov A.V.

Temporary Research Group "Algorithmics"  Kelmanov A.V.

  Borodin O.V.

Laboratory of Discrete Analysis  Evdokimov A.A.

Discrete Optimization in Operations Research  Pyatkin A.V.

Laboratory "Mathematical Models of Decision Making"  Beresnev V.L.

Laboratory of Graph Theory  Borodin O.V.

Laboratory of algebraic combinatorics  Avgustinovich S.V.

Temporary Research Group "Optimization"  Kochetov Yu.A.

Temporary Research Group "The intersection of discrete spaces, in problems of coding theory and algebraic combinatorics"  Krotov D.S.

Laboratory of Logical Systems  Morozov A.S.

Laboratory of Computation Theory and Applied Logic  

Temporary Group "Junior researchers"  

Laboratory of Ill-Posed Processes  Anikonov D.S.

Laboratory of Wave Phenomena  Romanov V.G.

Laboratory of Inverse Problems Mathematical Physics  Anikonov Yu.E.

Laboratory of Function Theory  Mednykh A.D.

Laboratory of Numerical Methods of Mathematical Analysis  Miroshnichenko V.L.

Laboratory of Optimization Methods  Shmyrev V.I.


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