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In 2007, Sobolev Institute bound the Medal of IM and the Gold Medal "For Great Contributions in Mathematics".

The Gold Medal for 2019 went to - A. K. Louis, Yu. N. Subbotin, E. E. Tyrtyshnikov
The Gold Medal for 2018 went to - V. I. Berdyshev, Dov M. Gabbay
The Gold Medal for 2017 went to - M. V. Klibanov, V. V. Kozlov, Yu. V. Matiyasevich, I. P. Shestakov, E. I. Zelmanov
The Gold Medal for 2015 went to - Yu. S. Osipov
The Gold Medal for 2013 went to - S. Adian, J. Thompson
The Gold Medal for 2012 went to - V. V. Vasin, M. Yamamoto
The Gold Medal for 2011 went to - S. Asmussen, I. A. Ibragimov, N. N. Krasovskii
The Gold Medal for 2009 went to - D. S. Scott, I. R. Shafarevich
The Gold Medal for 2008 went to - I. M. Gel'fand, S. M. Nikolskii

The Medal of IM for 2019 went to - S. K. Vodopyanov
The Medal of IM for 2018 went to - L. L. Maksimova
The Medal of IM for 2017 went to - Yu. E. Anikonov, L. A. Bokut
The Medal of IM for 2015 went to - A. V. Kostochka
The Medal of IM for 2014 went to - V. N. Remeslennikov
The Medal of IM for 2013 went to - V. D. Mazurov
The Medal of IM for 2012 went to - V. G. Romanov
The Medal of IM for 2011 went to -
A. A. Borovkov, Yu. L. Ershov
The Medal of IM for 2009 went to - S. K. Godunov, Yu. G. Reshetnyak
The Medal of IM for 2007 went to - V. G. Vizing, Yu. I. Zhuravlev, V. L. Makarov, G. I. Marchuk,
L. V. Ovsyannikov


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